Public Transit map for Managua

MapaNica, the OpenStreetMap chapter in Nicaragua, is a community of enthusiasts for geodata, free and participatory technologies. Conformed by cartographers, professionals, companies, non-profit organizations, programmers, students of various careers and other citizens, the community gatters at mapping parties to learn to collect geographical information with free applications, and thus map their neighborhood and local urban environment.

Among its projects, the creation of the urban transport map in Nicaragua stands out. This has been a collective work of more than 150 volunteers who surveyed for three years the 45 routes of the city of Managua a Ciudad Sandino. In collaboration with Ninfus Design Studio, and thanks to a crowdfunding campaign supported by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, a printed map was designed and distributed in the city.

Inspired by the Digital Matatus collaborative project, this was a unique and exemplary innovation venture in which I contributed as a mapper and helped on the interpretative design of printed maps which we later distributed in the city.

To date, the local team has worked in the data optimization and its integration into some transport mobile apps. - Paper map distribution