Promoting sustainable mobility

Bicicletada Managua is a social movement that promotes the use of bicycle as a means of transport. Since its beginnings, in March 2011, it has sought to make visible the Managua cycling community as a protagonist of an urban culture and a subject of change in the development of a friendlier city its inhabitants, as well as fostering a culture of road and automotive respect towards the cycling community of Nicaragua.

For 7 years, Bicicletada Managua has become the main platform that converges the cycling community of the country, with more than 100 activities organized, between bike rides, fairs and trainings, among others. We have mobilized more than 200 people and inspired the creation of other cycling groups and citizen initiatives.

Inspired by the Critical Mass movement, the organization believes in community self-management and collaborative active participation.

After its creation, I reincorporated to Bicicletada Managua in 2016, helping organizing and leading the bicycle rides that we use to make pon sunday evenings and tuesday nights.

Since that time, I have been helping at the organization with arts design and social media management, besides the organization of several bike rides, fairs and workshops, among others. We have also inspired the creation of others bicycle activist initiatives, like N’Biciados -a turist bike ride crew- and Biciudadanía -a critical thinking collective about urban design and mobility-, and lobbying in the public agenda about bicyclers needs around its mobility in the city.

Thanks to our media lobbying and social activism promoting sustainable mobility, we were recently invited by the Inter-American Development Bank – IADB to propose a design to the Municipality of Managua for its first bikeway in the Patrimonial Center of Managua, a small but significant step in collaborative urban management.


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