Below are some of the main projects that I have participated in during my career:

FLOSS community building

Highly involvenment in the FLOSS movement, organizing and coordinating events, supporting public relations and communication tasks for the organization.

Promoting sustainable mobility

Transforming Managua through a bicycle activist organization, organized bike rides in the city and lobbying in favor of a more friendly city for its inhabitants.

Public Transit map for Managua

Contributed as a mapper, design and distribution of a public transit map, besides leading the community through other projects and public activities.

Citizen journalism platform

Created the first platform of citizen journalism in the country, for one of the most important independent media outlets of Nicaragua.

Free licensed film showcase

Organized two editions, as part of the celebration for the Software Freedom Day, including workshops and talks within the FLOSS community in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan music platform

Leading (work in progress) the project development for a digital platform aimed to strengthen the musicians community in the Central American and isthmus.

European Film Festival

In charge of the digital communication strategy for the Delegation of the European Union, leading a Film Festival’s shift to position its online reputation.