Nicaraguan music platform

Sonalli is a digital platform for the dissemination, promotion and production of specialized content in music from Nicaragua and Central America. The main goal of the platform is to create the largest and most complete repository with biographical information and profiles of musicians, bands and singer-songwriters from the region.

Besides the archive and registration of musicians, the platform contemplates the development of a social network, from where the artistic community of the Central America will be strengthened with knowledge exchanges and virtual training processes.

Sonalli stands as an umbrella of projects to strengthen the cultural industries in Nicaragua, as a strategy to showcase the region in global scenarios.

In some of her features, Sonalli is:

  • directory of artists from the isthmus.
  • A community to ease synergy.
  • A training space.
  • A communication experiment.

Devised a couple of years ago, I am currently leading the development of this project, thanks to the support of the Cultural Center of Spain in Nicaragua through its annual call for accompaniment to cultural projects for 2019. As a launching activity, the platform was presented in the First Nicaraguan Musicians Meeting, an event organized with Centro de Estudios Musicales, a music private school.