Citizen journalism platform

Reporte Ciudadano, of Confidencial Digital, is the first experience of citizen journalism implemented in Nicaragua, through which people can inform and denounce issues of public interest, from their local perspective. The project was born as a need for the independent media Confidencial, to establish a reciprocal relationship between the users of its new website and the media outlet, motivated by the active participation of its readers through its different applications and social media channels.

Playlist of videos submitted by the platform’s users

I was in charge of the implementation of this project, in which we built a portal where citizens could make known, through the publication of news, photographs and videos, positive experiences, achievements and progress in their communities and other sectors of the country. The platform aimed to facilitate the reporting of cases of corruption, abuse of authority, negligence and any other type of action by officials, institutions, corporations and social groups that attempt and/or strengthen the democratic development of Nicaraguan society and the transparency in the public sphere.